Monday, 7 August 2017

Winter Solstice - blocks completed!

I've been working away at my Winter Solstice quilt and I now have all the blocks done and the flimsy almost completed. I love how it has turned out.  All the different sized blocks make a much more interesting quilt. Its all done in Christmas fabrics.

This lovely big block is called Weather Vane. I fussy cut the Santas and used the red and white in the same pattern to keep the focus on the Santa fabric.

These blocks are Spring Fever and On The Go. I used the last of the Snowman fabric.

I love this block! Its another very large one called Lucky Girl. The corners remind me of envelopes.

The next block is Summer Rose and I was able to feature the green fabric.

And last but not least is the Tile Time block. It reminds me of the Australian Desert Pea flower and it has me thinking of how to use it again in a future quilt.

I also remade the Churn Dash block as I was not happy with the original fabrics I used.

In joining up the quilt I made a few changes to original design /layout. It looks wonderful laid out on the bed. I've made three panels which I plan to quilt separately and then join up. So for now its in my 'to do' pile. The quilt hangs down the side of the bed so you can't see all of it. When it's quilted I'll post a better picture.


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