Saturday, 14 January 2017

En Provence MQ - Final Clue

The reveal of En Provence's layout did not disappoint - I love the final look of the quilt!  But before piecing it together there was batch of quarter square triangles to be made.

I made an error in measurement when cutting the triangles so I have a heap that are smaller left over.  Next time I will trim blocks as I go, I had a lot of trimming up to do!

One thing I've learned from the mystery quilt is how versatile triangles are, and I feel much more confident sewing them now. I spent some time playing around with different patterns.

Then I got down to laying out my blocks:

I've not had much time to sew but I have several blocks partially pieced.

Lily decided they made a great place to sleep  - she did not want to get off them when I tried to move her and put up a bit of an argument.

I've learned so much working on En Provence and I'm pleased I've been able to keep up with sewing each clue. Planning on big weeks sewing this week to get the top pieced.


  1. Very nice! You have used some pretty fabrics, and I like the mix of consistent and varying fabrics. It's scrappy without being chaotic.

  2. Thank you for showing how you work with quilting. I always thought it to be too complicated for me, but you showed that creating order is creating oversight and insight. Thanks!


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