Saturday, 14 January 2017

2017 FAL - Q1 list

I've been flat out finishing up at work this last week, no time for sewing or blogging. But now that I'm on leave I can get back to sewing so heres my list for the first quarter Finish-A-Long for 2017.

Heres my projects:

1. Tooth Monsters.  I made these little tooth monster pillows and made a mistake with attaching the legs. So I had to take the legs off and redo them all. I've done one, then I couldn't decide wether to just make them legless or add legs and so they have just sat patiently waiting to be finished for about a year.

2. Dog Coats.  Last winter Angels for the Forgotten requested some dog coats for some of their elderly clients who have dogs. I cut these out, fleece lined with flannelette and then ordered the clips. By the time the clips had arrived I'd moved on to other projects and just never got back to them. I need to get them finished and sent off for this winter.

3. Bunny Softies.  One dozen bunnies have been sewn up and just need to be stuffed and their faces finished.

4.  Girls Dresses & Skirts.  The T-shirts have been cut shorter, the skirts have been cut, hemmed and seams sewn and just need to sewn on to the T'shirts. Three skirts have been sewn up, hemmed and all they need is the elastic in the waistband.

The rest of my list is carried over from the last FAL.

5. Tote Bags.  I listed these in the last FAL and did complete some, but didn't include them as a finish as I didn't finish all 50. Last quarter I was able to make good progress. The ones on the bottom left just need the handles added and now that the webbing has arrived (that blue circle) the handles can be done.The bottom middle pile has had coloured borders added to the top and they just need one seam joined plus handles. The pile on the right have all had pockets added and need to be joined and have handles. I started with a goal to do 50 but have about 70 in this pile. I love making these - they are used for Dress A Girl Australia  Education without Borders project. The more bags, the more school supplies can fill them.

6. Hygiene Purses - just need to snaps put on.

7. Warren the Charity Bear.  I cut these out and started adding the felt pieces but just never got back to them. Need to finish sewing & stuffing them.

8. Eye Spy Playmat.   Just need to do the binding!

So thats my list of 2017 Q1 FAL projects, much more manageable than my previous one. 


  1. Lots of variety and multiples in your list. Hope you have fun stitching them!

  2. So many fun projects! I love those monsters!!


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