Monday, 26 December 2016

En Provence MQ - Clue 5

Clue #5 was easy and fast - 64 half square triangles.  I made mine early Christmas morning while everyone was still asleep.

They still need to be trimmed to size. Its been good to keep up with the clues each week and I'm learning a lot doing this mystery quilt. I have come to really appreciate the importance of neutrals in a quilt and of contrast.  I like very bright colours and so I tend to buy them for my stash and ignore the neutrals. Now I am making a deliberate choice to buy a few neutrals for my stash each time I shop for fabric. 

We had a lovely Christmas yesterday, just a quiet day with the family and a traditional Christmas dinner. I was given several Spotlight vouchers for Christmas and they had 40% off all fabric today, 75% off Christmas fabric,  so this morning I went out and spent my vouchers on these:


  1. I'd never have got away with sewing on Christmas morning! Mainly because my guest has to sleep in my sewing room! Great shopping trip!

  2. Bonus value for your gift vouchers, a great shop. You are right about how much there is to learn by doing Bonnie's mystery.

  3. Your purples are lovely! I have never been able to sew on Christmas because we always go out of town to visit family so I have to leave my sewing machine at home! :(


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