Saturday, 10 December 2016

En Provence Clue #2 - reminders of Mykonos!

Well last Saturday I was up really bright & early at 1.30am and excited to see Bonnie had clue #2 up - triangles!  I've avoided all but simple triangles up till now so I knew I'd be in for a lot of learning.

 Our colour was the magenta and it reminded me of the stunning deep pink bougainvilleas that we saw at Mykonos on our cruise. This lovely eatery had bougainvilleas tumbling down from the pergola - just beautiful!

My Tri-rex ruler and colour chart arrived a few days before. I ordered from Ozquilts and it arrived in 48 hours.

So I set to work on cutting my triangles using the Tri-rex ruler and ended up cutting twice as many as I actually needed - never mind, they'll get used for another project. Thats what I get for cutting fabric at 2am lol!

I had some help from Lily who just wanted to play...

Some worked well but quite a few were crooked at the top...

I ended up taking a few days break as I had to work on getting those tote bags sewn and I could feel myself getting frustrated. I remember as a kid when sewing would go wrong Mum would always say " Just take a break" - never could do it - now I'm a bit older and wiser thank goodness. I left it till Thursday to try again.

So after watching the video a few more times and playing around I finally started to get it right. The magenta is a batik and so it was much more stretchy and slippery than the neutral. I found I needed to life the presser foot and place it right up next to the needle to start sewing otherwise it would 'eat' the fabric.  The tri- rex tool is amazing once I got the hang of it and that little notch makes all the difference.

Clue #2 done and dusted on Friday night, just in time for #3.  Check out lots of other great Clue 2 posts here at Bonnies Quiltville link up.

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  1. Love your photos of Mykonos.

    "Taking a break" is such a good strategy when things aren't going well. Your triangle units turned out lovely!


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