Saturday, 15 October 2016

Q4of 2016 FAL goals

I've decided to join the 2016 Finish A Long and its been good to go through my sewing room and pull out a heap of 'almost finished' projects. A few are for me and others are for donation and they've been sitting about for too long now so I need to get to work!  Heres my list:

1.  Building Blocks Quilt A-Long - Leah Day. I got off to a great start in 2014 and pieced almost all the blocks and have the wadding cut ready to go.  I really want to get this finished and practice my FMQ so its #1 on the list.

2.   Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt -  mostly Kaffe Fasset fabrics. Its all pieced, just need to add the border, quilt and bind it.

3.  Single Bed Quilt - A quilt that will be donated, just needs to be quilted and bound.

4.  These baby soft toys are all stuffed and pinned just waiting for the last seam! Need to finish them, make a few more and send the off.

5.  Cuddly Dolls. The next project is to finish these soft dolls. Fabric is cut ready to go, just need to get some lace for the bonnets. I've made these before and its an easy, fast pattern. I want to send them off in time for Christmas.

6. Angel Blankets to be finished!  The fabric is cut, some have been bordered, just need to back with the fleece. These are small, cuddly blankets given to kids taken into care.

7.  Single Bed Quilt - This partially sewn quilt was sent to me to finished for donation to Angels for the Forgotten. I've finished piecing the top, made two pillowcases and now I just need to quilt and bind it. There might also be enough fabric left over to make some cushions or a small lap quilt.

8. Eye SpyPlaymat. I love making eye spy and crazy patchwork blankets / play-mats for the kids. This is backed and most of the quilting is done, so I just need to bind it.

9.  NICU gowns. I've sewn the lining and the gowns, just need to join them up and add the press-studs.

10.  Single Quilt.  Another finished quilt top that was given to me to donate.

11.  Last week I came across the 70273 project. That is the number of disabled people that were put to death by the Nazis in 1940-4. Its a wonderful project with a goal to complete 70273 blocks, ( two red crosses on white background) and make 800 memorial quilts. Click on the link to read more about the story behind this. I've set myself a goal to make 100 blocks before Christmas, each one different. I've worked in health my whole working life, the last 12 years in mental health, and this project just speaks to me. The story of those 70272 people needs to be remembered. So I have my blocks cut out and have made a start.

12. Tote bags.  I want to make 50 tote bags. These go to Dress A Girl Australia for the Education Without Borders project - providing a tote bag of school supplies to children in the Philippines.

13. Crocheted Rug.  Oh, seriously, this crotchet rug has been waiting to be joined for years now. I just need to sit down and get it done!

14.  Hygiene Purses.  These are all sewn just waiting for me to add the press stud.

So, it feels good to have a list in place and a goal date to get these done by!


  1. Good luck with your list and thank you for taking part in the Finish-Along!

  2. thanks, its been good to make a list and put an end date on little projects that have been siting about unfinished for too long.


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