Sunday, 23 October 2016

Q4 FAL - childrens blankets finished!

Working out my Finish-A-Long goals for Q4 last week was really helpful.  I have been sewing up the blue fleece into Angel blankets this week and so I can tick off one of FAL tasks. These are fleece on one side and a bordered panel on the other - basically a comfort rug for kids.

I have a lot of these cute dog panels in different colours - so I just bordered them with a blue stripe.

I love this spiderman fabric!  I usually use one metre, quartered and bordered for each blanket.

This one has spacemen and planets.

Six finished blankets ready to go and one FAL project ticked off.

I have quite a bit of blue fleece left in long strips so I'm making some Warren the Charity Bears from that. Its a nice quick pattern.  

So thats one project ticked off!

Q4 2016 goals post

2016 FAL

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  1. Such a longing and caring finish, I like how the border makes the panels stand out.


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